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Physical Layer Flexibility

ControlNet's cost-effective performance is further enhanced by flexible installation options, widely available cable, and simple taps with no minimum spacing requirements.

bulletRG-6 quad shield cable, which is inexpensive and used widely in the cable TV industry
bulletPassive taps that can be installed anywhere on the trunk with no minimum spacing requirements
bulletSupport for bus, star, or tree topologies to meet various application needs
bulletOptional media redundancy that transparently allows higher system availability
bulletSupport for fiber optic cabling


ControlNet supports many topologies including Bus, Tree, Star and combinations using repeaters ().

   ControlNet uses inexpensive RG-6 quad shield cable. Network Taps provide flexible mounting options: "Y", "T", straight or right ended.


Multivendor Interoperability

As the association for users of ControlNet technology, ControlNet International is an independent organization that maintains and distributes the specification, as well as manages common marketing efforts of group members. Using ControlNet, you can select best-of-breed products from member suppliers world-wide. In addition, ControlNet International provides a forum for directing the future of ControlNet technology and products, including conformance and interoperability testing services and self-test software.

   ControlNet technology provides for plug-and-play components with off-the-shelf products from multiple vendors.


Technical Specifications

Type of Bus
I/O Interlocking and programming data on same wire


Bus Topologies
Linear Bus
Mix of any of all three

Bus Speed
5 Mbit/sec

Length, single segment
1,000 m (coax)
1,000 m with 2 nodes
500 m with 32 nodes
250 m with 48 nodes
3,000 m (fiber)

Number of Repeaters
limited only by the delay through the system

Maximum Length with Repeaters

30+ km (coax and fiber)

Types of Repeaters
high voltage ac & dc
low voltage dc

Device Power
Devices powered externally

Connectors (Standard Coax BNC)
barrel (plug-to-plug)
bullet (jack-to-jack)
extender (plug-to-jack)
isolated bulkhead (jack-to-jack )
right angle (plug-to-jack)

Communication Model

Number of Nodes
99 Maximum Addressable Nodes
48 taps (nodes) without a Repeater

Size of Data Packet
Variable, 0-510 bytes

Number of I/O Data Points
No limit

Network Update Time
2-100 ms (user selectable)

Communication Modes (Bus-Addressing)

I/O Data Triggers
On demand

Cyclic Redundancy Check
Modified CCITT using 16-bit, polynomial

Application Layer
Object-Oriented: Class/Instance/Attribute
Device Object Model using Device Profiles

Physical Media
Coax - RG-6 quad shield
Single or Dual - redundant media

Network and System Features
Remove/Insert Devices Under Power
Deterministic, Repeatable
Intrinsic Safety Option
Duplicate Node ID Detection
Message Fragmentation

ControlNet is a Trademark of ControlNet International, Ltd.
DeviceNet is a Trademark of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc.






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