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IDEC Corporation sets the benchmark for micro PLCs. The Micro3® combines the all-in-one convenience of an integrated controller with the features and flexibility of a modular PLC.

Whether the application is simple or complex, the Micro3's additional built-ins add value, convenience, and security. A powerful instruction set with plenty of user memory is available (over 1000 steps) in non-volatile memory. A programmable password assures safety and security by limiting access to programs. The clock/calendar allows real-time-based controls and event monitoring. Built-in potentiometers can vary presets for timers, counters, registers, and high speed counters. The Micro3 series is UL and CE approved.

The Micro3 controller is tiny and powerful. The smallest controller in the series is just 4.13"W x 3.35"H x 2.36"D containing six inputs and four outputs (ten I/O). The Micro3 can be used in simple or complex applications up to 48 I/O.

For example, use an AC input model for basic retrofitting. While in more demanding applications, the Micro3 can be programmed to accept an encoder input, control a stepper motor, and exchange data with other Micro3s that are performing similar tasks. The Micro3's tool kit for high-speed applications includes a high-speed scanning mode, programmable input response times, 1 msec timing increments, and catch inputs which detect input status regardless of scan.

The Micro3's unique I/O system saves money by eliminating unnecessary I/O. The system consists of three different size modules, each with integrated CPU, I/O, memory, and power supply. Any module can either stand alone or connect with another module. Thus, with between ten and 48 I/O, nine different combinations of inputs and outputs can be built. By taking advantage of the data exchange network, up to seven modules can be connected with each executing a unique control system.

The Micro3 is also capable of processing analog input and analog output. The analog I/O modules support 0-10 VDC, 1-5 VDC, ±5 VDC, ±10 VDC and 4-20 ma. The Micro3 instruction set includes various comparison and arithmetic functions to complement analog I/O.

Automation system designers can program the Micro3 with a program loader, which uses a menu and fill-in-the-blank format on a four-line display. Up to 31 programs can be stored on an optional memory card. WindLDR (Windows based) or Cubiq (DOS based) programming software enable designers to program the Micro3 series in ladder logic using a PC. WindLDR or Cubiq can program, monitor, debug, and document all Micro3 automation projects.

IDEC Introduces the following Starter Kits:
1.Part # MM-MICRO3-10                                     
10 I/O (FC2A-C10A1) processor
Programming software and documentation
Programming/Communications (FC2A-KC2) cable
6-input switch simulator
2. Part # MM-MICRO3-16                                    
16 I/O Micro3 (FC2A-C16A1) processor
Programming software and documentation
Programming/Communications (FC2A-KC2) cable
9-input switch simulator
3. Part # MM-MICRO3-24                                    
24 I/O (FC2A-C24A1) processor
Programming software and documentation
Programming/Communications (FC2A-KC2) cable
14-input switch simulator




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